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Pipe, duct, fittings and fabrication from 2 inches through 20 feet in diameter.  Hand lay-up or helically wound, 40' joints, full vacuum to 150 psi positive pressure, water, oil, chemicals, odor control, Cad drawings, calculations, design, installation supervision and instruction, field weld material and tools.  Belco is your total FRP duct and pipe supplier.

Belco has completed third party certified testing per ASTM 2992  and can manufacture pipe/duct with a Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) Category U rating (hoop stress of 12,500 psi or 86.2 MPa).
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There are numerous fabricators through out the country that can supply FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) corrosion resistant ductwork but a select few that can supply the level of quality and service Belco provides to each and every customer regardless of scope or size.

Belco can manufacture any size or shape FRP Duct, fitting or accessory that your process may require.  All of our equipment is manufactured in house, giving us the ability to construct special fitting shapes, sizes, transitions etc.  Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

All of our duct is manufactured to meet or exceed the Voluntary Product Standard PS 15-69, ASTM 3982 "Standard Specification for Contact Molded Fiberglass Duct and Hoods", and AWWA M-45 when FRP ductwork is used in buried applications including design for H-20 axial loading.  

We have provided a Sample Specification that would typically be followed during the Manufacturing and Installation process. This specification is written so that all industry standard design criteria and manufacturing procedures are followed whether or not Belco is the supplier of choice.

Moccasin Bend Odor Control Ductwork

Alcosan WWTP Odor Control Ductwork

Cooling Tower Header Piping





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